We're Not Out Of The Woods Yet

by Nazgûl

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released August 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Nazgûl Rochester, New York

Bringing you Music from our own haunted realm...

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Track Name: An Enchanting Tryst
A subtle madness had lay beside him
Her stygian hair weaved a sacred curse
Then all together, a fusion between them
Forever locked in love, for better or for worse

Her bewitched hands, glowing like the stars
Beneath a black moon, brewed a potion so vile
Within a charmed voice, she whispered her desires
Crooked teeth had shown behind her twisted smile

With him contained under her control
He lay still and quiet, as if death were to come
A sweet release he begged for, whilst she wove her vicious web
For intertwined with spirit. To despair her must succumb

Forever they lay together twixt an undead moon
Their love for each other in a "quintessence" state
Her spell remained conscious, as the secret bared in his mind
Made to feel a fake euphoric comfort
No more...can he escape
Track Name: Goblin Hovel - The Cinnabar Fields
You kept your heart inside a glass
A vessel meant to break in time
I saw too late the opus failed
And in a way the fault was mine
I watched in the greatest dismay
As the colors fade to grey
But your core is sapphire blue
Is that not beauty in itself?

Utter the mantra, It can be salvaged.
The work can only be done with faith
Keep the peace so long
The idea of strife exists no more

** Can’t hold you for long
(I’ll see you shine one day)
My strength is almost gone
(coat myself in smoke)
(I’ll see the change in you)
(Even if the change will kill me)

Hieroglyphs and mysteries
Seem to be all they can see
Is the cipher needed here?
Can you see the change in her?
Toxic tears shed by dragon eyes
Under hammers is where you lie
But if you can weather more,
Then will you see a heart of gold
Track Name: His Blackened Soul
A smell of sulfur, the night we met
One day I'd become your biggest regret
The warmth of your touch to the cold of my heart
But you never knew that I'd rip you apart

Now I see darkness in your eyes
Now you have heard all of my lies
In the end it's all just wasted time
Now you see I deserve to die

I wallow in silence as I stare at your face
Make you a promise...fallen far from grace
Fill your dreams with uplifting hope
Whilst your trust in me fades in my smoke

Now I see darkness in your eyes
Now you have heard all of my lies
In the end it's all just wasted time
Now you see I deserve to die

"I am just like Judas...I'll betray you all
And just like the devil...I'll make sure that you fall"

Now I see darkness in your eyes
Now you have heard all of my lies
In the end it's all just wasted time
Now you see I deserve to die
Track Name: Goblin Hovel - Strigiform Avatar
It’s been a wolf’s age
Since you stopped to see the shadows
Tracing the contours, and spiraling into the realms
I had begun to think
You were not ever coming back
Were you too proud to seize the pike and claim your place?

I speak to you through the glass
I haunt your nightly walks
And in the ring of torches
It’s clear we’ve found our way

Eyes of
Peridot and garnet
Flash with long expected life
(saegt din Verl ocghnd tag dur Tren)
Blades in
The shape of the crescent god
Flash as bright as the moon
(vek dir Grunsig Mon!)
Teeth bared
A grin that holds back
A stream of otherworldly spells
(gyf es ynan spollsaed!)
Remove the paint and runes
You will not need them anymore
(Vulkaumn maen gaaltbast!)

No human language
Will suffice to call us closer
Open your minds eye, can you perceive the forms we take?
Self righteous cobwebs
Spun by the spiders of deceit
Are ripped and torn, the banners of the blue moon in their place

I’m the shadow on the blade
That falls upon your foes
Those are my footprints there
Your feet have left behind you

This chamber’s filling up with blood
The corridors are darkened
And with me come the others
Who made you what you are
Track Name: Sleeping With Shadows
I wander into the dark, I hear something follow me
Turn around to see no one, but I can hear them breathe
A sense comes over me, I know I am going to die
For in the mist I can see the figure writhe

I find a place to lie, the frost pierces my skin
As the night grows colder I can feel it hides within
Noises in the dark leave me petrified
Now I have accepted that I am going to die

Tonight I sleep with shadows, tomorrow I may not wake
Within this haunted forest I've left my soul to take
Track Name: Goblin Hovel - Burn the Skin Away
Warm was the light in your eyes when we met
Now cold is the night I will never forget
This hut has gone silent since that autumn day
I left my belief and I threw you away
In this heart an emptiness grows
Can faith get us through this? We may never know
Clinging to legends and shallow belief
I lay my head down and I dream of relief.
The music has stopped and the players moved on
The voice that was singing is faded and gone
The forests and lakes are now spiritless holes
There’s no one left here. I will not be consoled
In these minds the memory is dead
Will no one remember the heroes who bled?
Festivals follow, for what we don’t know
There will be no harvest. We reap what we sow.
The one that I loved has since fled from my side
And the empty earth drank of the tears that I cried
the beauty is gone from the summer sunrise
I’ve watched the world wither so I’m closing my eyes.
In these souls the fear will remain
With all else forgotten my deeds were in vain.
I will still weep when I think on that day
When I burned the legends, the magic, away.